2nd Hellenic Educational Seminar




Inborn Errors of Metabolism in children, adolescents and adults:

‘from the Symptom to the Diagnosis’

‘Mitochondrial Disorders’

Saturday 1st October 2011, Athens, Greece






Dear Colleagues,

It is a special pleasure and honor to invite you to the 2nd Hellenic Educational Seminar forInborn Errors of Metabolism in Children, Adolescents and Adults. The Seminar is dedicated this year to the MitochondrialDisorders. These diseases are considered to be rare but it is sure that they are underdiagnosed due to their large clinical heterogeneity and to their great number.

The main purpose of this Seminar is to enable hospital clinicians, general and specialized paediatricians to attend lectures focused “from the symptom to the diagnosis”.The invited specialized speakers are very experienced in clinical practice, as well as prominent researchers. Hopefully it will be possible to share their knowledge of many years of experience in a practical manner to all participating paediatricians.

It is well known that in our country the Inborn Errors of Metabolism are underdiagnosed. Their early detection would greatly contribute to the decrease of death rates and all kinds of patient disabilities, it will improve the quality of life, it will prevent the birth of new patients and it will support the families which face serious problems.


With Honor


GeorgeP. Chrousos
Professor of Paediatrics and Director,
1st Department of Paediatrics, Medical School University of Athens, “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital

Assistant Professor of Metabolic Paediatrics,
Laboratory for Metabolic Diseases, Choremio Research Institute, 1st Department of Paediatrics, Medical School University of Athens,


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